Drive around and scream to jump to scream to jump. Can you reach the chequered platform?

Arrow keys - drive
SPACE - Scream n Jump
ESC - Back to start screen


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Interesting concept of a truck that jumps when you yell!

The 3D platform to control the truck is also interesting!

It was difficult, but I'm glad I managed to complete it!

The physics dance is always fun. I liked exploring ways to get through the game while avoiding falling at all costs. At one point I was playing the entire first sequence while upside down. 

We just need a little more time to get used to your physics in this world. The initial arrow has collision and sends the truck off course right away. I think most users would just need more even ground to start on. But then again….the game really hazes the player into figuring out how to move effectively right from the start. It’s up to you on how much you want to expand this. 

There are endless possibilities for wild jumps and end over end flying - I would like to see style points or rewards for landing bizarre jumps or some kind of stats pop up on how many degrees I rotated on my last flip. Maybe I’ve played too much Grand Theft Auto in my lifetime. It would also be good to have save points/way points.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I found it fun that there was no audio for the jumps/screams because I was doing the sound myself. All the A’s flying out did address the scream, and after a while I found MYSELF doing the “scream”. This is an interesting angle - making the player do their own sound effects. This game really had me leaning over in my seat and vocalizing - that’s something EVERY game should strive to do at some point. You’ve created an engaging experience.

Also - 👏 applause for solo jamming. It’s a very tough road to take.